When you register as a new event organizer, we need to get to know you a little more to make sure that CronoCheck is going to be used lawfully. Therefore, it is necessary that you provide some documentation.

The documentation that we request to be able to access CronoCheck as an organizer protects participants from “scam events” or “false events”. That is why it is very important for us to know the event organizers who are going to use our platform.

At CronoCheck we categorize event organizers into three groups:

  • From type Personal
    This type of profile can create events and use all the features of CronoCheck, with a single restriction: It will not be possible to create events that require online payments.
  • Type Professional
    The Professional organizer profile will have access to all CronoCheck tools including paid events.
    Professional type organizers also have the ability to to create events whose participants do not have to make an online payment. In the same way as in the case of a Personal type account, the events that do not require an online payment by the participant, will have no cost for the organizer.
  • Type Solidarity
    It works in the same way as the Professional profile and you must provide the same documentation, but lower rates apply.
You can see the details of the necessary documentation in each case by selecting the type of profile appropriate to your situation.

A priori, it will not be necessary to provide any type of documentation.
You should know that we will validate your email account in order to activate the profile.
In addition, you must provide your telephone number and full name. In some cases we may contact you to verify that the information you have provided is real (requesting documentation such as your Passport or ID Card).

  • DNI or Passport. In the case of companies or associations, the administrator's DNI
  • Certificate of ownership of the bank account
  • Model 036/037 AEAT
  • Last personal income tax or VAT declaration
  • Invoice or receipt accrediting the activity
  • Certificate of being up to date with tax obligations
  • (Companies) Deeds or commercial registration certificate
  • (Companies) Tax Identification Card
  • (Companies) Last declaration of Corporation Tax or last approved Annual Accounts

The same documentation as a Professional user. Solidarity-type organizers, with special rates, must be non-profit organizations/associations whose event is for a charitable purpose and is related to the purpose of the association.